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Cement Industry

FERBECK&FUMITHERM offers the services of analysis, design, supply and installation of refractory linings for all types of equipment (cyclone towers, grills, rotary kilns, coolers, drying furnaces ...) as well as firing lines with semi-humid, dry and semi-dry processes.

Our teams of specialists can:

  • - Demolish refractory linings either manually or mechanically (Mini-digger+BRH, BROKK, Wheel loaders…)

  • - Install refractory linings using specialised techniques :
    • Brickwork in rotary kilns with a DAT pneumatic soffit, or with jacks
    • Traditional brickwork
    • Shuttering for pouring concrete with a vibrator, for laying or auto-pouring
    • Pumping
    • Shotcreting
    • Installing insulation panels

Our expertise and professionalism have already been proved with our clients (CIMENTS CALCIA, HOLCIM, LAFARGE CIMENTS, VICAT, etc) and with Cement Works designers (Claudius Peters, FCB Ciment, Polysius, Technip, etc.) both in France and internationally.

For further information please contact Patrice LARGE - +33(0) 442 26 71 14