FERBECK & FUMITHERM designs, manufactures and installs industrial furnaces for metal smelting, and in particular aluminium smelting and molten aluminium thermal management. Our furnaces are available in the French market and for export.

30t aluminium thermal management furnace

Products include:
- Aluminium thermal management furnaces,
- Aluminium rapid smelting furnaces,
- Aluminium smelter, iron removal and thermal management units,
- Rotating kilns,
- Aluminium smelter filter systems,
- Metal thermal treatment furnaces,
- Heating and regulation equipment.

We also manage the standards and norms compliance of existing heating equipment.

Workshop manufacture and transport of a thermal treatment furnace

Rapid, reliable, flexible

Our furnaces are designed, produced and pre-assembled in our factories so they can be rapidly installed on site, thereby cutting installation time. All our products are designed to guarantee maximum reliability and flexibility. Our team of engineers and technicians supervise the whole production process, from design to installation and operation.