Sewage sludge incinerators

Furnace for special industrial wastes


FERBECK & FUMITHERM supply specifications, analyse, supply and install refractory linings for incinerator furnaces for all types of waste :

- household waste
- sewage station sludge
- basic industrial waste
- special solid, liquid or gaseous industrial waste
- healthcare waste - irradiated waste

Regardless of the technique used

- Combustion
- Pyrolysis

Regardless of the type of installation

- Traditional brickwork grill furnace
- Grill furnace with tubular screen
- Horizontal or vertical static furnace
- Fluid bed furnaces
- Rotating furnaces
- Oscillating furnaces

The refractory lining installed (shaped bricks, poured-vibrated concrete, pumped or autopouring, shotcreting) is adapted to the working conditions of the plant and the factory maintenance policy.

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