Vaulted arch brickwork

Bricklaying machine in a cement furnace

All installation types, all industry sectors

Our expertise means that we can react quickly with precision and efficiency on all types of installation with refractory linings.

All technologies, all implementation methods

- industrial heating engineering,
- brickwork,
- dense heat insulating concrete,
- plastic blocks,
- materials with very low cement content,
- concrete pumping, shotcreting,
- artificial and ceramic mineral fibres...

Specialised teams have developed knowledge and experience of technologies specific to certain industries:
- oil refinery reaction zone linings,
- linings for aluminium smelting furnaces and electrolytic furnaces (anode, cathode),
- linings for rotating kilns and brick making machines...

Market independence

Our independence from refractory product manufacturers gives us the freedom to propose the best technical solution at the best price for each type of installation.

Aluminium furnace lining