Overview of an incinerator furnace

Maintenance nucléaire

For over ten years FERBECK & FUMITHERM has continuously developed the training of its industrial heat containment specialists in order to work on sites installing refractories in radioprotection controlled areas:

- RP1 and RP2 training,
- Special radiation control medical checkups, pre and post installation,
- Comprehensive risk analysis with view to providing the minimum Previsional Dosimetry Evaluation.

The sectors concerned :

- Incineration of low level waste produced by COGEMA, EDF… and/or uranium waste, Marcoule, Romans

- Foundries for ferrous or non-ferrous metals (Marcoule…)

- Nuclear reactor fuel production (Romans…)

- Auxiliary boilers (Fessenheim…).

Installing refractories :

If the refractories are the same as those in uncontaminated sectors: reinforced installation security equipment including protective lead aprons, special working hours, continuous radiation control by dosimeter.

Our maintenance teams working on nuclear refractories have a highly developed security culture.

For further information please contact Patrice Large +33(0) 474 92 65 70